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Migraines returned and have become desperate to be free of these ruling my lifestyle yet again so am again on Topamax! G.P recommended a smaller sized dose, alongside a beta-blocker might not lead to the side-consequences.".hey ho" Ive previously long gone off food, but fingers crossed my lifetime isn't likely to be ruled through the dreaded Migraines!! Karen Reply

I was already a small particular person, and in the accident came weight loss, nevertheless the topamax dropped me even lower than I should have been in the beginning leaving me weak and interfering with my Restoration. To be a registered dietician, I hope that everybody that I've browse using topamax for solely weight loss has weighed ALL their other choices right before popping a prescription drug. Reply

Has everyone taken this when getting on cymbalta? I've go through all the opposite medicines useful for depression or anexity so I used to be pondering how the two combine jointly? Paula��< Reply

karen829 � Apr ten, 2012 To: lastriegel I've just begun topamax for the second time in my lifestyle. My very first dose will likely be tonight.��Numerous years I observed a neuorologist who informed me that this drug can make you feel "stupid".

mmilldes � Feb 20, 2010 To: everyone I are on Topamax for nearly two months now and in the beginning, I had the tingling undesirable in my toes and fingers. That subsided following a several weeks.��I also had the style modify when drinking soda which also received far better but a lot more a short while ago.

The sole Unwanted side effects Ive noticed (very good and negative) are weight loss, loss of hunger, occasional tingling, refined mood swings, and sleeplessness. Not all of these are every single day but they do happen typically more than enough to become a sample. Over-all, I am Tremendous satisfied with topamax And that i take each day mainly because it will come =] Reply

tajtam � Jun 01, 2011 To: Every person I am now on my 2nd thirty day period of Topamax, now using 125mg/working day, fifty each morning and 75 at night.��I possess the factors tingling from the palms, ft, nose, and lips.��I also working experience the confusion,��not being aware of the phrase i am seeking to say and the overall experience of dumbness (which is hate).

��Not less than if I do all the analysis very first, I realize what I am in for.��I have discovered that Medical doctors will prescribe, diet prescribe, prescribe...You will find a tablet for everything!��My medicine cupboard accustomed to study like A few of these postings, with eleventeen different prescriptions.��Now, I'm on very little and contemplating Topamax for nightmares and weight loss.��Be clever.��It really is Your entire body and YOUR life.�� Reply

and i have only been again on it for any day and already bought the tingling in my fingers and ft and didnt wish to getup this early morning bring about so tired drained.. Reply

scubaesp � Mar 31, 2013 My doc put me on Topiramate 50mg when day-to-day.��He didn't specify morning or night time.��He prescribed it because I used to be the venus factor review possessing serious headaches & he imagined the facet influence of shedding weight was good for me simply because I do must eliminate somewhat.��No other feedback from him - not even if I need to consider in AM or PM.��So, I took right before bed & laid awake all night time paranoid.��I stayed on it for 2 weeks continuing to have complications.��Misplaced no weight, just rest. He put foods me on Lyrica loss Together with the exact success. This "Skilled" diagnosed me with Fiibromyalgia, epilepsy & anxiety so he could use the right code to the insurance company to justify the drug.

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